PGA & Seniors Championship

Round Two – Tuesday, July 25, 2017




10:45 am

Adrian Peters- PAT St Boniface Golf Club



11:00 am

 Dave Borowski- Kingswood Golf & Country Club

George Maskiw- Fungoes Golf Center


11:09 am

 Blair Young- St Boniface Golf Club

Steve Witiuk- The Players Course

Ivan Koop- Grand Pines Golf Course


11:18 am

 Rob Damsgaard- The Players Course

Ryan Sommerfeld- Shinebox Lifestyle Brands

Aidan Maytchak- Pine Ridge Golf Club


11:27 am

 Teddy Markham- Breezy Bend Country Club

Rob Guthrie-Winnipeg Winter Club

Tom Kinsman- Southwood Golf & Country Club


11:36 am

 Greg Hesom- Winkler Centennial Golf Course

Jacques Lavack- PGA of Canada/Manitoba Zone member

Greg Love-PGA of Canada/Manitoba Zone member


11:45 am

 Glen Mills-Assiniboine Golf Club

Peter Ewert- Larters at St Andrews

Robin Henderson- Glendale Golf & Country Club


11:54 am

 Dean North-Carman Golf & Curling Club

Dave McMillan- Elmhurst Golf & Country Club

Shawn Coe- Teulon Golf & Country Club


12:03 pm

 Shane Dick- Pine Ridge Golf Club

Geoff Kehler- Minnewasta Golf & Country Club

Corey Kartusch- St Charles Country Club


12:12 pm

 Terry Reilly-Niakwa Country Club

Wade Nybakken- Niakwa Country Club

Derrik Goodwin- St Charles Country Club


12:21 pm

 Jason Ludke- Pine Ridge Golf Club

Matt Lorenz- Elmhurst Golf & Country Club

Josh Wytinck- Pine Ridge Golf Club


12:30 pm

 Michel Pilon- Harbourview Golf Center

Patrick Law-Shilo Country Club

Brett Claggett Woods- Niakwa Country Club


12:39 pm

 BJ Neufeld- Larters at St Andrews

Evan DeGrazia- Thunder Bay Country Club

Troy Kapko- GolfTec


12:48 pm

 Dave Lavallee- Glendale Golf & Country Club

Michael Marion- GolfTec

Andrew Steep- Southwood Golf & Country Club


12:57 pm

 Kevin Giesbrecht-St Charles Country Club

Brian Guenther- Steinbach Fly-In Golf Club

Walter Keating- Whitewater Golf Club